Beachcomber and modern art museum callantsoog


Modern, educational, funny and interactive, for young and old.

Just behind the dunes and near the lively seaside town of Callantsoog you will find the small and cosy beachcomber- and art museum of Callantsoog.

Come and enjoy our sometimes scary and funny museum.  Have a laugh, let a seagull fly, solve the secret code, scare away a monster, test your responsiveness, beware of the moving floor, don't put your fingers in the black hole, be amazed by the craziest things the beachcomber has ever found.

In addition to various unique beachcomber finds and beachcomber-art that you can admire, the little baby mermaid of Callantsoog has to be the most extraordinary discovery!

Come along!

You can combine your visit with a walk along the beach or through the nearby nature park de Zandpolder.

Parking is free!

Opening Times & prices

Look for current opening hours on google

From 11:00 till 16:00

Entrance € 14,50

Children 2-18 years €7,50

Children 0 till 2 years free


When you purchase a ticket you agree to the terms and conditions and rules of conduct in the museum such as: no running, no touching of fragile objects and children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.


Green Museum

The Beachcomber and Modern Art Museum Callantsoog is a private museum with a green heart. The museum receives no government funding. By buying an entrance ticket you contribute to enriching the biodiversity, making the museum environmentally friendly and energy-neutral and keeping the beach clean. That's why we welcome your visit!


Email: info@juttersmuseumcallantsoog.nl

Adres: Mineweg 1, Callantsoog 1759NZ

Phone: +31 6 30130763